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Ways to Give

Duchesne Academy welcomes and appreciates your support. We recognize that decisions made about giving to a charitable organization are very personal, deliberate, and oftentimes involve more than one individual. There are many ways to give to Duchesne; they are detailed below so that you can determine the simplest and most beneficial way for you.

How To Give

Opportunities For Giving

Planned Giving

As an alumna or friend of Duchesne, you likely know the legacy of St. Philippine Duchesne and her commitment to education. Her selfless life work and sacrifices set the foundation for thousands of young women. You can help secure the future of Duchesne Academy for thousands more young women through thoughtful, long-term gift planning. By working with a qualified financial planner, attorney or tax advisor you may discover that in addition to ensuring the vitality of the school, many charitable gifting strategies offer valuable financial benefits and tax advantages.

  • Asset Diversification—If too much of your money is tied up in one asset, you may be able to diversify and reduce income taxes with a charitable gift to Duchesne.
  • Estate Planning—Reduce the value of your estate or shift income to the next generation. Your charitable gift to Duchesne may help relieve estate and gift taxes.
  • Income Tax Deduction—All gifts to Duchesne are 100% tax-deductible to the extent of the law.
  • Increased Income—Charitable gifting to Duchesne can help create additional cash flow.
  • Lifetime Cash Flow—With proper structuring and management, you can defer income or guarantee income for life with your charitable gift to Duchesne.
  • Retirement Planning—If qualified plan regulations are limiting the amount you can put away for retirement, a charitable gift to Duchesne may help.
  • Tax-free Conversion—With a charitable gift to Duchesne, you can transfer your highly appreciated assets without incurring income taxes.

If you have already included Duchesne Academy in your estate plans, please let us know.

For questions or more information please contact

Katie Risch Bakhit
Vice President of Advancement