Duchesne Academy intensifies cleaning procedures

Duchesne Academy and Preschool maintenance staff and school administrators are working to ensure the building is as clean as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Duchesne staff and our nightly cleaning crew regularly check with the Centers for Disease Control and follow recommended guidelines for disinfecting surfaces. They are paying extra attention to surfaces students and staff touch often such as desks, doors, doorknobs, handrails, lockers, and all restroom fixtures. The extra emphasis began before students left for spring break. The school uses a strong, Clorox-based disinfectant.
At this time the school has not been informed of any student, staff, or faculty member diagnosed with COVID-19 or who has been asked to self-quarantine.
In the event the school must close due to virus exposure, staff will thoroughly sanitize each surface to ensure the building is safe for students.
In addition to daily cleaning procedures, faculty and staff have received aerosol disinfectant to use as they believe is appropriate in their classrooms and offices.