Student Handbook Adendum

Duchesne will follow the guidance of the Douglas County Health Department in determining all reactions to positive Covid 19 cases.
*These policies are subject to change due to the Covid-19 pandemic as we progress through the semester. They will be evaluated at the conclusion of each quarter and can change at any time. Changes will be communicated to our families via email and Burt Street News prior to taking effect.
Safety Procedures: Please be mindful of people when in the building. We want to protect all members of the community and make all feel safe and comfortable. Attending school in person during COVID is a privilege. All members of the community need to take care of each other by practicing strict social distance and personal habits:
  • All students are expected to self-screen before coming to school and agree NOT to attend school if they are not feeling well.

    This means that each student will stay home if, in the past 24 hours, she has had a fever of 100.4°F, cough, shortness of breath, malaise, diarrhea, upset stomach, lack of appetite, inability to taste and smell, runny nose, taken fever reducing medication.

  • All students must report to first block class after entering the building. If coming to school late, report to your class immediately.

  • Students must wear a mask at all times unless eating lunch or taking a sip of water. If a student does not have her mask on:
    • One warning – must purchase a mask for $5
    • Second warning – student sent home and may not enter school without a mask, or a parent will bring a mask to school before a student may attend class.

  • Student must wear masks appropriately. This means that the nose and mouth are covered at all times. If a student is warned more than two times, she will be sent home and may not return to school until she agrees to wear the mask appropriately.

  • Students must participate in social distancing at all times (currently six feet apart). If a student does not practice social distancing, she will be asked to do so immediately. If a student fails to do so on a regular basis, she will be sent home.
  • All uniform requirements as stated in the Student Handbook will apply throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

  • For the duration of the pandemic, ground floor is closed. Students with frees will report to the library; all others will be assigned to a study hall. No one may enter the student ground floor areas without permission. This includes the cafeteria, lounges, and locker rooms.

  • Pay attention to one-way halls/stairs to minimize congestion between classes

  • Students may not have food delivered to school.
Covid-19 Absence Policy (for in-person and online learning)
Because of the unusual, extenuating circumstances, the attendance policy has been altered. A student should remain home if she is not feeling well or if she or a family member has tested positive for Covid-19. The same is true if a student is required to be quarantined for any reason. Our goal is for students to successfully complete all required work regardless of in-person attendance.
  • Teachers will take attendance for in-person and online classes. Any absences will be reported to Mrs. Pavel, but the absence will not be placed on the student’s permanent record.

  • Normal consequences for excessive absences are waived until further notice. Grades will be based on completed work only as outlined in the grading policy of each course.

  • Attendance will be monitored carefully. If a student is absent from classes and is not sick, parents will be notified immediately. In this instance, the teacher will work closely with the student and parents to make sure that assignments are completed.

  • Some students may have to miss many classes due to their own illness or family illness. In this instance, the goal is for students to complete assignments when healthy and able. Teachers and the administration will be focused on completion of assignments more so than in-person attendance.

Online Learning Requirements:

In the event that school closes or for those classes that will host Zoom sessions on off-learning days, students will be expected to:
  • As a parent I give permission for my student to attend virtual sessions with faculty, staff, and administration, most of the time via Zoom, unless the school here is otherwise, we have your permission. 

  • Attend virtual classes and to be on time. Student video should be on when class begins, and she must be visible for the entire class. It is understood that there may be instances when the student has to leave class (video fatigue, internet problems, etc.). These instances should be clearly communicated to the teacher.

  • Teachers will contact students via a secure virtual platform (currently Zoom) on the days that they are not able to meet in the classroom. These sessions will be recorded and stored on Canvas. The recorded sessions are not accessible by the public.

  • All virtual sessions will be conducted by a teacher who is Safe Environment certified and all classes are open to administrative drop-ins.

  • All virtual session meeting times will be posted on Canvas, not communicated via email. Students are thus encouraged to regularly check their Canvas calendar for upcoming meetings.

  • All virtual sessions will be posted with at least a one-week notice. Any changes within the one-week period must be agreed upon by all participants or the absence will not apply.

  • Students should attend virtual classes from an appropriate workspace with minimal distractions.

  • Attire should be appropriate for a virtual class. Uniform is not required; casual clothes are acceptable (no pajamas).
You can read the 2020-21 student handbook here.