Waste Audit

  • We collected 577 pounds of recyclables through paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastics, and Hefty Energy Bag recycling
  • We collected 624 pounds of compost
  • Only 187 pounds of trash were sent to the landfill!
  • In total, Duchesne produced 1388 total pounds of waste last week, of which 1200 pounds was diverted away from the landfill
    • Here’s the really exciting news . . .
      • This puts our current “diversion rate” at 86.5%!!!
      • This means that nearly 87% of all waste generated last week was either recycled or composted and not sent to the landfill
      • In other words, for every 100 pounds of waste generated last week, only 13.5 pounds of it will be buried in the earth, absolutely blowing away the previous Duchesne record!
    • Our previous best diversion rate was 78.2% in September 2018 and all audits so far had placed us in the 76-78% range
    • “Zero Waste” is defined as a 90% diversion rate . . . we are extremely close to achieving our goal 9 years ahead of schedule!
Our next waste audit will occur in October 2021 and we are hopeful that we can reach our goal of 90% before the end of this year!
Sustainability Report April 2021