A Lenten Message from the Head of School

Dear Duchesne Community,

As we enter the season of Lent, let us turn our hearts and minds to those suffering in Ukraine and to all of our sisters and brothers around the world who may be suffering from fear at the hands of conflict. Together, let us pray for peace in Ukraine and throughout our world.

As a school of the Sacred Heart, we are guided by the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria. This is who we are and what we stand for. In addition to being guideposts, the Goals and Criteria provide us with lenses through which we can see the world around us and try to make sense of it. At this present moment, I am drawn to specific Criteria within Goals I, III, and IV:

  • Goal 1-Criterion 6:  “Members of the school community, open to the transforming power of the Spirit of God, engage in personal and communal prayer, discernment and reflection which inform their actions.” 
  • Goal 3-Criterion 1: “Sacred Heart Educators prepare students to serve the common good in an interdependent world.”
  • Goal 3-Criterion 6  “The school community engages in direct service, advocacy, outreach and partnerships to work for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.”
  • Goal 4-Criterion 5: “Members of the school community practice and teach with a spirit of peace and reconciliation the principles of non-violence and conflict management.” 

I was comforted and reminded that our Sacred Heart Goals offer us the opportunity to foster peace, hope, and God’s love in our world. We are educating our girls to grow into confident, courageous, and compassionate women leaders devoted to justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.

This Lenten season, we are inviting our students to keep a 40-day gratitude journal as a form of prayer. In the spirit of this exercise, I would like to say that I am grateful for Sacred Heart education and our incredible faculty, staff, and administration who animate our mission daily. Parents, I hope you join us for Mass and distribution of ashes this Ash Wednesday, March 1, at 8:00 a.m. in our Chapel. 

With Love and Prayers for Peace,

Meg BrudneyHead of School