Lunchtime at Duchesne

Duchesne Families, 

We have always considered you partners in our mission to educate your daughters. This is why your input is invaluable. Recently, a number of you have reached out to discuss the lunch program—and we are listening. When we return from Spring Break there will be new options in the cafeteria. 

Duchesne has partnered with a local provider to add grab-n-go sandwiches that will have meat and cheese. Available options will include turkey and cheese, roast beef, and jalapeño chicken salad, just to name a few. Each sandwich will come with chips, fruit, or a cookie. We will adjust the menu as we learn more about what students prefer.

We will continue to offer our existing meal program so students can get a salad or existing lunchtime favorites like a pizza bagel, grilled cheese focaccia, or baked penne pasta. Our administrative team will re-evaluate the lunch program this summer.  

It is our goal to provide healthy, balanced meals that provide our students with the nutrients their growing bodies need and to fill them up for the rest of the school day. We believe by adding these new options we will meet this goal for more students. 


Meg Brudney, Head of School


Laura Hickman, Ed.D., Principal