Duchesne partners with NE agency to raise rainbow trout

School on the move! Duchesne is proud to partner with Nebraska Game and Parks, Fish and Wildlife Education Division, to grow rainbow trout. In January these fish arrived in our STEAM Lab at sac-frey where our teachers and students cared for them and helped them grow.

This month, we transferred them to Halleck Park Pond in Papillon where they will continue to grow before being moved to other bodies of water in our state.

In this environment, the defensive markings you see on their sides will become most important.  It helps them blend in with the bottom vegetation to protect them from larger predatory fish.  As they continue to grow, they will eventually adopt the rainbow pattern of color and dots characteristic of Rainbow trout. 

“It has been a wonderful project of the last three years to bring Trout in the Classroom to Duchesne Academy. I hope many of you have a better understanding of how fish grow and live. Thank you to everyone that has helped and stopped by to learn more about this project,” said Mr. Bruce Moore, I.T. Department Chair & STEAM Integration Specialist, who led this project.