Thank you for supporting Duchesne Day!

"Strengthen in us, O God,
the work You have begun in us"
Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

There is a spirit in our school that cannot be replicated or easily defined. We can hear it as students laugh while walking with friends to class, we see it on their faces as they compete and perform, and we feel it in our hearts as we celebrate Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne's feast day.  

Leaving her home in France to establish Sacred Heart schools in America required courage and confidence. Our educators are committed to inspiring the same in our students by empowering them to question and equipping them to lead. 

Your contributions sustain this work.  

Duchesne Academy depends on the generous support of our entire community to ensure each of our students receives an unmatched Sacred Heart education. On behalf of the students, faculty and staff, and alumnae of Duchesne Academy, merci beaucoup!

Thank you! Duchesne Academy depends on the generous support of our benefactors to sustain our school's mission. On behalf of the students, faculty, and alumnae of Duchesne Academy, merci beaucoup!
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