Apply Now for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Duchesne Academy is now accepting applications for the Class of 2027! Families can begin this process by using the online application portal. 

This portal enables students and their parents to complete necessary forms and requests for letters of recommendation from teachers entirely online. This secure application portal will open in a separate window.

Important Information for Grade 9 Applicants

  1. Register for the Entrance and Scholarship Exam
    Applicants for the freshman class should register to take the 8th Grade Entrance and Scholarship Exam at Duchesne Academy. If class space allows, students who move to Omaha after the testing date or who have taken an exam elsewhere may set up an individual testing time with the Admissions Director. Students with an IEP may request accommodations on the entrance exam. All IEP paperwork must accompany a request no later than December 15. Extended time and semi-private testing will be considered.

  2. Submit Required Forms:
    On the day of the exam, students will be sent home with a folder of information and forms as well as the date each form is due.

  3. Received Admission Status:
    Qualified applicants who take the Entrance and Scholarship Exam will receive notification of their status in the admissions procedure by mid-February. Those receiving scholarships will be notified at that time

  4. Submit Registration Fee to Confirm Enrollment
    Applicants for the freshman class should confirm enrollment by sending the $350 registration fee by Monday, February 28, 2023. Registration after that date will be accepted as space permits.