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Drug & Alcohol Policy


Smoking/vaping is not allowed on the campus or at any school-sanctioned activity. The campus is defined as any Duchesne property. Smoking/vaping is not permitted in the parking lot at any time. Disregard of this regulation will result in the following:

Anyone found in a smoke/vape-filled room or with students on campus who are smoking/vaping:

  • First Offense: $20.00 fine, notification of parents
  • Second Offense: $40.00 fine, notification of parents
  • Third Offense: $50.00 fine, conference with parents


Anyone found smoking/vaping:
  • First Offense: $50.00 fine, notification of parents
  • Second Offense: $100.00 fine, conference with parents      
  • Third Offense*: Conference with parents an in-school suspension  
*A drug test will be required for student return to school


Drugs and Alcohol

Duchesne Academy educators are concerned about the spiritual, academic, and personal growth of every student. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs can seriously interfere with this growth. Therefore, the guidelines outlined below have been established.

Engaging in the unlawful possession, selling, dispensing or use of alcohol or illegal drugs is a violation of Nebraska state law and consequently of school rules. A violation of any aspect of the state law or school rules and regulations regarding the use of alcohol or a controlled substance will result in a conference with the parents or guardians and the enforcement of serious consequences.  

Illegal use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or paraphernalia that implies their use is not allowed on campus or at any school-sponsored activity. Campus refers to any Duchesne property or Duchesne-sponsored trip.

If a student is suspected of using alcohol or illegal drugs during the school day or at a school-sponsored event, the administration has the right to test the student at school and those results will stand as official in determining the consequences for the student.

A student’s backpack or purse may be emptied, with the student present, if there is suspicion of illegal substances.

A student may simply be in the presence of other students who are using alcohol or illegal drugs. Even in this instance, consequences will still be enforced. Physical presence is defined as being in a situation in which alcohol or drugs are being illegally used or possessed by minors. Students should be aware that being in the presence when drugs or alcohol are used is a Level V violation. Students are not to support these situations but rather use positive peer pressure to host and to attend group activities without the use of alcohol or illegal drugs.


For a full description of the consequences of alcohol and/or drug use, please refer to the student handbook.