The Writing Center

The Writing Center at Duchesne Academy invites all students, faculty, and staff to make an appointment for any writing project, academic or otherwise, to become a better writer. We provide a democratic space in which writers enter into collaborative dialogue about writing. Rather than providing copy-editing services, our collaborative, interdisciplinary center primarily focuses on deep writing issues to help you develop independent writing skills.

What we offer:

We offer one-on-one consultations for writers of any level in all disciplines at any stage of the writing process. Each individual consultation, lasting thirty minutes, will consist of conversation to improve your skills as a writer. Please reserve your appointment on the calendar on the bulletin board outside of Mrs. Berigan’s classroom (Room 209). If you wish your appointment to remain confidential, please email Mrs. Berigan at [email protected] in order to reserve your session privately.




8:10-8:40 a.m.

8:10-8:40 a.m.   


By Appointment: Sessions also offered on a by-appointment basis.
Email Mrs. Berigan at [email protected]


Mrs. Berigan’s classroom (Room 209) on the 2nd floor.

What to bring to your session:

  • If an academic assignment, bring your assignment prompt.
  • Bring your latest draft, outline, or any material that began your writing process.
  • Bring questions and goals: know what you wish to accomplish from your session.
Please keep in mind…
  • In order to improve your skills as an independent writer, your session will focus on deeper writing issues, not copyediting your paper. Expect to speak as much as, if not more than, your writing consultant does.
  • Expect every sentence written during the session to be written by you.
  • Your session does not ensure any sort of higher grade on individual assignments, but works towards a larger goal of improving your overall writing skills.


The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an excellent resource for all your remaining writing needs in all disciplines on a wide variety of issues, from grammar to research tips.