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Community Service

Service is an integral component of a Sacred Heart education. The purpose of the service program is to teach students to become aware of and sensitive to justice issues. The goals of the Sacred Heart schools include the commitment to educate to a social awareness that impels to action. The aim of our service component is to give students the ongoing opportunity to feel empowered to affect the world around them and to model the teachings of Christ in their broader communities. The types of service that are appropriate for this requirement are those that benefit the poor, the sick, and the marginalized.
Students are encouraged to serve those outside of their normal circles. We seek to establish in our students genuine respect and authentic compassion for all people and the environment in which we live. Each year Duchesne students are required to volunteer in our community, serving the church, school, and the marginalized in Omaha.
The required hours are as follows:
  • Freshmen 10 hours
  • Sophomores 15 hours
  • Juniors 20 hours

Seniors participate in a capstone is a community service project. In the spring semester, seniors will extend their classroom experience to the wider Omaha and global community. For two weeks, every Duchesne senior puts their education and talents to the test, serving others and accompanying staff at area nonprofits, schools, and ministries, completing about 80 hours of service. Seniors are then given the opportunity to reflect upon, share, and process their service experience with both students and faculty.