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Lunch Program

Sophie’s Kitchen

Per Day: $5/day (Year Total: $750)

Pre-Paid: $4.50/day (Year Total: $675)


Lunch may be purchased daily by cash, check or credit/debit card. There is no need to sign-up for the lunch ahead of time. If you would like to pay ahead (either monthly, quarterly, by semester or by the year) you will receive a discount on the daily cost. Payment daily is $5/day. If you pay ahead by month, quarter, semester or year, the lunches are $4.50 each. Please note that refunds will not be available for missed school or snow days. 

Please make checks payable to Duchesne Academy.


The lunch menu will be uploaded monthly. 


We will offer a healthy entrée daily as well as a second entrée that is simple in variety (such as pasta or a rice dish). There will also be a daily salad bar available to accompany the entrée or your daughter may choose only the salad bar. If a student has allergy concerns, please email


As a complement to Duchesne’s sustainability and wellness efforts, the lunch program will focus on five areas: cost, education, nutrition, taste, and reduction of waste. 

  1. Cost: We understand that many food costs can quickly add up. At the same time, healthy, sustainable, and fresh foods cost money. By utilizing in-house resources, creative menu planning, local partnerships, and the generosity of donors, we strive to offer lunch at an affordable price.
  2. Education: “Give a woman a fish and she will eat for a day.  Teach her how to fish and she will eat for a lifetime!” We are committed to not only cooking great food but also inviting and teaching young women to be a part of the process as well. Thus, many components of the lunches are produced in the elective Finding God in All Foods class where students learn and practice the basics of safely cooking tasty and healthy food. 
  3. Nutrition: We embrace a nutrition approach that encourages individuals to eat moderate portions of a wide variety of foods. 
  4. Taste: Taste is, of course, the central element to any food service, and we fully intend to continue offering a selection of tasty meals and treats.
  5. Reduction of Waste: Our lunch program utilizes only reusable or compostable materials for service. Additionally, given the size, structure, and scope of the program, menus and service are intentionally designed to reduce overall food waste. Our growing partnership with Lone Tree Foods allows us to purchase a large amount of fresh produce locally. An emphasis on seasonal foods reduces our reliance on distant vendors or processed—and thus highly packaged—goods. Finally, increased efforts are being placed on utilizing the produce from our own garden to minimize transportation and packaging.


Please direct any questions to