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2024 Prize Day Awards

2024 Prize Day Awards
Hannah Miller

The 141st Distribution of Prizes and Certificates at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart

May 23, 2024

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2024 Valedictorian
Paulina Gilgenast

Outstanding Athlete Award
The Outstanding Athlete Award honors athletes that demonstrate, among other qualities, superior athletic ability and exemplary leadership in and out of the sport.
June Mullen

The Ali Tupper Sportsmanship Award
The Ali Tupper Sportsmanship Award honors athletes that act as an example to their teammates, exhibit courtesy and generosity of spirit, and maintain a positive attitude. Named for Alice Fern Tupper, this award recognizes a senior who is universally recognized by teammates, coaches, referees, and opposing teams, as an embodiment of courtesy, generosity, leadership, positivity, and respect.
Claire Niehaus and Annie Hoover

The Spirit of Rebecca Award
This award honors a student or group of students who face adversity, but never lose sight of their mission.
DASH Robotics Team: Ann Mammen, Corinne Mansour, Claire Jeffries, Lauren Gilner, Grace Thayer, Emily Righter, Sasha Wilson

Stuart Creativity Award
This award is given each year to a senior who exhibits a willingness to take risks associated with self-expression, a gift for divergent thinking, a resistance to conform for the sake of conformity, an ability to express herself in a particularly delightful, insightful, and aesthetically pleasing way, an ability to imagine another perspective and to recognize and produce quality in creative expression.
Gwen Corcoran

Duchesne Prize
The Duchesne Prize is given each year to a senior whom the students, faculty, and administration feel best exemplifies the values of Sacred Heart schools. This award is given to a young woman whose spiritual life is strong; whose love of learning is apparent to all; whose class spirit and community service have been recognized; and whose life choices have been made wisely.
Lilly Risch Bakhit and Sophie Owens



Prizes, Distictions, and Special Recognitions have been awarded in the following areas:

Theology: Prizes

In Morality: Leila Ayoub, Lilly Risch Bakhit, Paulina Gilgenast, Gretchen Hazel, Annie Hoover, Ivey Welch

In Catholic Social Teaching: Mia Appenzeller, Paulina Gilgenast, Judith Kadjo Gnambi, Ella McGrath, June Mullen, Sophie Owens

In Sacraments: Maria Buechler, Allie Chipps, Meg Cordes, Hannah Fernandes, Sara Schmaderer, Susan Wood

In World Religions: Hannah Fernandes, Kate Gering, Corinne Mansour, Bridget Russel, Sadie Snyder, Susan Wood

In Paschal Mystery: Marcella Balus, Nora Barth, Bridget Neuman, Elizabeth Tran

In Church in the World: Marcella Balus, Nora Barth, Gracelynn Bazer, Lillianne Hernandez, Genevieve Hertzel, Bridget Youngblood

In Scriptures: Lydia Aguila, Kailey Hennessey, Cecilia Kramper, Anna Mlnarik, Olivia Pisarik, Gina Pisasle


Theology: Distinctions

In Morality: Sophie Carrick, Lilly Garcia, Audrey Leighow, Claire Niehaus, Grace Nigro, Sophie Owens

In Catholic Social Teaching: Sophie Carrick, Gretchen Hazel, Kate Kelley, Grace Reyelts, Annie Rezac, Maria Sully, Ivey Welch

In Sacraments: Celia Becker, Drew McMahonm Annalise Plewa, Elise Schaben, Sadie Snyder, Gwen Zeger

In World Religions: Demi Abou Seif, Celia Becker, Jackie Johnson, Drew McMahon, Elise Schaben, Summer Stidham

In Paschal Mystery: Emma Bruce, Madeline Caldwell, Elizabeth Gibson, Lillianne Hernandez, Ave Spicka

In Church in the World: Gretchen Foss, Katherine Guy, Ashlyn Morrow, Alexis Ochsner, Elizabeth Saal, Daphne Schroen, Ava Spika

In Scriptures: Tesia Crenshaw, Rosemary Klitz, Therese Mammen, Claire Miller, Tvisha Rohatgi, Margaret Sauer


Theology: Department Recognition Award

In Morality: Emily Barnes, Emma Boggust, Gwen Corcoran, Maeva Davis, MK Kelly, Nora Langenfeld

In Catholic Social Teaching: Lilly Risch Bakhit, Janine Kate Fell, Claire Niehaus, Josie Rohr, Liv Schack, Tatum Vaughan

In Sacraments: Kierra Bradley, Leah Font Gabel, Claire Jeffries, Caroline Michonski, Addison Neeson, Sarah Romero

In World Religions: Lauren Gilner, Alyssa Moheiser, Sophia Pisarik, Lena Richard, Virginia Skybo, Katie Strehle

In Paschal Mystery: Maguva Elezai, Sara Henin, Ann Mammen, Alexis Ochsner, Daphne Schroen, Gia Thrasher

In Church in the World: Emma Carlson, Anne Cooper, Anna Doughtery, Mara Hartwig, Gabriella Jones, Evie Loughran

In Scriptures: Adele Bruce, Josephine Evans, Kara Leininger, Claire Lickteig, Eleanor Richard, Am'Agyn Spencer


English: Prizes

AP Literature: Paulina Gilgenast, Claire Niehaus

Senior English: Gretchen Hazel, Ela McGrath, Elizabeth Shanahan, Maria Sully

American Literature Honors: Susan Wood, Annalise Plewa

American Literature: Celia Becker, Drew McMahon, Sadie Snyder

Sophomore Literature: Marcella Balus, Gretchen Foss, Lillianne Hernandez,
Sabriella Jones, Bridget Neuman

Freshman Literature: Lydia Aguila, Sophie Goodland, Cecilia Kramper, Anna
Vilnarik, Adele Patch, Olivia Pisarik


English: Distinctions

AP Literature: Mia Appenzeller, Anne Hoover

Senior English: Leila Ayoub, Lily Butler, Judith Kadjo Gnambi, Grace Oxley

American Literature Honors: Misses Elisabeth Schaben, Aubrey Nguyen

American Literature: Emma Combs, Noelle Haberman, Natalie Jarosik

Sophomore Literature: Nora Barth, Anna Dougherty, Cecilia Rickett, Daphne
Schroen, Ava Spicka

Freshman Literature: Tess Crenshaw, Kailey Hennessey, Rosemary Klitz, Moyra
Matthews, Claire Miler, Tvisha Rohatgi


English: Department Recognition Awards

AP Literature: Kate Kelley, Annie Rezac

Senior English: Abby Carroll, Maeva Davis, June Mulen, Emily Righter

American Literature Honors: Katie Strehle, Delaney Murphy, Claire Jeffries, Grace

American Literature: Clara Galvan, Corinne Mansour, Jensen Shomshor

Sophomore Literature: GraceLynn Bazer, Emma Carlson, Lauren Cox, Julia Drickey,
Elizabeth Rudersdorf

Freshman Literature: Claire Caskey, Josephine Evans, Beatrice Hoberman, Gina Pisasale, Eleanor Richard, Am'Agyn Spencer


Foreign Language: Prizes

Spanish V: Susan Wood

Spanish IV: Annie Hoover, Claire Niehaus

Spanish III: Corinne Mansour, Sadie Snyder

Spanish II: Marcella Balus, Nora Barth

Spanish I: Lydia Aguila, Kailey Hennesey, Cece Kramper, Emma Soto-Tighe

French III: Cecilia Kwiatek, Annalise Plewa

French II: Lillianne Hernandez, Ashlyn Morrow, Gabriella Jones

French I: Anna Minarik, Adele Patch, Gina Pisasale


Foreign Language: Distinctions

Spanish V: Nikki Yañez

Spanish IV: Rachel Fernandes, Paulina Gilgenast

Spanish III: Celia Becker, Hannah Fernandes

Spanish II: Gretchen Foss, Bridget Neuman

Spanish I: Cate Douglas, Chloe Langenfeld, Clare Langenfeld, Olivia Pisarik, Maire West

French III: Natalie Peterson, Clara Welch

French II: Anna Dougherty, Marcy Soma, Bridget Youngblood

French I: Sophie Goodland, Ainsley Jenkins, Abigail Kohout


Foreign Language: Department Recognition Awards

Spanish IV: Josie Rohr, Emily Reed

Spanish III: Sophia Finney, Imaya Larson

Spanish II: Madeline Caldwell, Sarvi Gullapalli

Spanish I: Josie Evans, Jada James, Kara Leininger, Eleanor Richard

French IV: Evangeline Longo

French III: Orriah Larsen, Delaney Murphy

French II: Emma Carlson, Caitlin Ginn, Martha Mullen

French I: Olivia Borer, Camila Castro, Changchun Dak


Mathematics: Prizes

AP Calculus: Leila Ayoub, Gretchen Hazel

AP Statistics: Mary Claire Dougherty, Paulina Gilgenast

Calculus 1/Trigonometry Honors: Judith Kadjo Gnambi

Pre-Calculus: Lily Butler, Annalise Plewa, Isabella Ramsgard

Pre-Calculus Honors: Cecilia Kwiatek, Sarah Schmaderer, Susan Wood

Geometry: Emma Carlson, Bridget Russell, Grace Oberlies

Algebra II: Julia Drickey, Beatrice Hoberman, Bee Youngblood

Algebra II Honors: Adelle Bruce, Sophie Goodland, Therese Mammen, Claire Miler

Geometry Honors: Marcella Balus, Lily Hernandez, Maire Weist

Algebra I: Lydia Aguila; Ainsley Jenkins, Anastasia Manhart


Mathematics: Distinctions

AP Statistics: Lily Risch Bakhit, Grace Reyelts

Calculus 1/Trigonometry Honors: Maria Sully

AP Calculus:  Sadie Synder, Summer Stidham

Pre-Calculus: Gwendolyn Corcoran, Orriah Larsen, Perla Romero

Pre-Calculus Honors: Emma Combs, Elianna Kakish, Martha Mullen

Geometry: Sarah Romero, Elizabeth Saal, Marcy Soma

Algebra II: Lauren Cox, Delaney Focht, Olivia Macias

Algebra II Honors: Anna Dougherty, Kailey Hennessey, Gabriella Jones, Chloe Langenfeld

Geometry Honors: Demi Abou-Seif, Bridget Neuman, Olivia Pisarik

Algebra I: Naomi Bash; Medley Hitchcock; Isabella Soto Tighe


Mathematics: Department Recognitions

AP Statistics: Claire Niehaus, Tatum Vaughan

Calculus 1/Trigonometry Honors: Grace Nigro

AP Calculus:  Calla Behney, Sophia Finney

Pre-Calculus: Audrey Fangman, Kathryn Kneeland, Nora Langenfeld

Pre-Calculus Honors: Jacqueline Johnson, Gianna Mullin

Geometry Honors: Gretchen Foss, Cecilia Rickett, Jensen Shomshor

Algebra I: Elizabeth Grenier; Kara Leininger; Clara Schroeder


Science: Prizes

Honors Physics: Summer Stidham, Susan Wood

Physics: Maria Buechler, Alysa Moheiser, Susan Morgan-Girgis

Honors Biomedical Physiology: Leila Ayoub and Gretchen Hazel

Topics in Earth and Environmental Science: Lily Risch Bakhit, Alison Cann, Ella McGrath, Grace Oxley

AP Chemistry: Anne Hoover

Chemistry Honors: Marcella Balus and Sara Henin

Chemistry: Mara Harwig, Cecilia Ricket, and Bridget Youngblood

Biology Honors: Lydia Aguila, Olivia Pisarik

Biology: Adelle Bruce, Beatrice Hoberman, Eleanor Richard, Chloe Langenfeld,
Gina Pisasale


Science: Distinctions

Honors Physics: Noelle Haberman, Annalise Plewa

Physics: Leah Font-Gabel, Sasha Willson, Gwendolyn Zeger

Honors Biomedical Physiology: Mia Appenzeller and Elizabeth Shanahan

Topics in Earth and Environmental Science: Lillian Garcia

AP Chemistry: Corinne Mansour

Chemistry Honors: Lily Hernandez and Bridget Neuman

Chemistry: Emma Bruce, Emma Carlson, and Hope Hertzel

Biology Honors: Cecilia Kramper, Anna MInarik

Biology: Emma Barkmeier, Kara Leininger, Arya Yarlagadda


Science: Department Recognition Awards

Honors Physics: KatieAnne, Strehle, Mila Van Belle

Physics: Alleyah Flint, Imaya Larson, Josephine Wentz

Honors Biomedical Physiology: Celia Becker, Emily Love

Topics in Earth and Environmental Science: Grace Reyelts, Maria Sully

AP Chemistry: Hannah Fernandes

Chemistry Honors: Gretchen Foss and Ella Jones

Chemistry: Anne Cooper, Lauren Cox, and Evelyn Jeffreys

Biology Honors: Kailey Hennessey, Claire Miller

Biology: Camila Castro, Mya Cheney, Brooklyn Pearson


Social Studies: Prizes

AP Government: Emily Barnes, Claire Niehaus, Elizabeth Shanahan, Maria Suly

Government: Rachel Fernandes, Gretchen Hazel, Anna Morris

AP Psychology: Lily Risch Bakhit, Hannah Fernandes

Art History Honors: Leah Font-Gabel, Judith Kadjo Gnambi

The Cold War and 21st Century Honors: Claire Niehaus

Economics and Global Issues Honors: Sophia Carrick, Madeline Enenbach, Grace

International Relations Honors: Emily Barnes, Paulina Gilgenast, Tatum Vaughan

AP US History: Cecelia Becker, Hannah Fernandes, Susan Wood

American History: Alyssa Moheiser, Bobbi Munoz, Clara Welch

AP European History: Marcella Balus, Nora Barth

Modern European History: Gabriella Jones, Daphne Schroen

World Cultures: Lydia Aguila, Tess Crenshaw, Sophie Goodland, Rosemary Klitz, Secelia Kramper, Chloe Langenfeld, Anna Minarik, Adele Patch, Olivia Pisarik, Tvisha Rohatgi


Social Studies: Distinctions

AP Government: Leila Ayoub, Judith Kadjo Gnambi, Grace Nigro, Grace Reyelts

Government: Lily Butler, Misses Paulina Gilgenast, Isabella Johnson

AP Psychology: Rachel Fernandes, Clara Welch

Art History Honors: Jennet David, Susan Wood

The Cold War and 21st Century Honors: Emily Reed

Economics and Global Issues Honors: Alison Cann, Mary Kelly, Ella McGrath

International Relations Honors: Gretchen Hazel, Dorothea Mason, Rachel Voelker

AP US History: Corinne Mansour, Bridget Russell, Sadie Snyder

American History: Kierra Bradley, Elizabeth Layson, Ava McCarthy

AP European History: Bridget Neuman, Alexis Ochsner

Modern European History: Gracelynn Bazer, Gia Thrasher

World Cultures: Cate Douglas, Aby Kohout, Clare Lickteig, Moyra Mathews, Claire Viller, Gina Pisasale, Maggie Sauer, Lily Sewell


Social Studies: Department Recognition Awards

AP Government: Lily Risch Bakhit, Kathleen Keley, Grace Oxley, Kylie Troshynski

Government: Janine-Kate Fell, Zoe Gonzalez, Dorothea Mason

AP Psychology: Victoria Ruiz-Juvera, Heyat Seid

Art History Honors: Calla Behney, KatieAnne Strehle, Caroline Woodward

The Cold War and 21st Century Honors: Abigail Carroll, Gwen Zeger

Economics and Global Issues Honors: Mary Claire Dougherty, Kathleen Kelley,
June Mullen

International Relations Honors: Mia Appenzeller, Kate Kneeland, Evangeline Longo, Anna Morris, Kylie Troshynski

AP US History: Sophia Finney, Claire Jeffries, Summer Stidham

American History: Emily Brester, Grace Caskey, Eva deMayo

AP European History: Gretchen Foss, Lillianne Hernandez

Modern European History: Victoria Cali, Emma Carlson

World Cultures: Camila Castro, Changun DakTherese Mammen, Eleanor Richard, Emma Soto Tighe, Maire Weist, Erica Wolf, Arya Yarlagadda


Information Technology: Prizes

AP Computer Science Principles: Mary Claire Doughtery, Paulina Gilgenast, Claire Niehaus

AP Computer Science: Heyat Seid

STEAM Academy I: Gretchen Foss, Annie Rezac

STEAM Academy II: Ana Gonzalez Yuil

Advanced STEAM Academy: Hadley McComas

Robotics: Lauren Gilner, Claire Jeffries, Corrine Mansour, Grace Thayer

Programming in Python: Chloe Langenfeld

Digital Citizenship: Eleanor Codr, Margaret Codr, Josephine Evans, Anna Minarik, Ava
Owen, Adele Patch


Information Technology: Distinctions

AP Computer Science Principles: Judith Kadjo Gnambi, Corinne Mansour

AP Computer Science A: Aubrey Nguyen

STEAM Academy I: Demi Abou Seif, Emily Barnes, Caroline Woodward

STEAM Academy II: Alyssa Moheiser

Robotics: Ann Mammen

Programming in Python: Madeline Caldwell

Digital Citizenship: Lydia Aguila, Catherine Douglas, Jada James, Andrea Maixnar, Claire Miller, Eleanor Richard


Information Technology: Department Recognitions

AP Computer Science Principles: Isabella Johnson, Tatum Vaughan

AP Computer Science A: Madeline Enenbach

STEAM Academy I: Grace Becker, Kathleen Kelley, Grace Uptmor

Design Academy II: Grace Leininger

Robotics: Nyayop Makuach, Adele Patch

Programming in Python: Mayat Elezai, Addison Nessen

Digital Citizenship: Camila Castro, Maya Cheney, Sophie Goodland, Clare Lickteig, Tvisha Rohatgi, Lillian Sewell


Electives: Prizes

Creative Writing: Elizabeth Rudersdorf

Journalism: Victoria Ruiz-Juvera

Yearbook: Annie Hoover and Sophie Owens

Academic Decathlon: Lydia Aguila, Tvisha Rohatgi

History of the Holocaust: Emily Barnes, Nora Langenfeld


Electives: Distinctions

Creative Writing: Margaret Kizer

Journalism: Lily Butler

Yearbook: Eva Longo

Academic Decathlon: Rachel Fernandes, Grace Reyelts

History of the Holocaust: Delaney Murphy, Gwen Zeger


Electives: Department Recognition Awards

Creative Writing: Grace Caskey

Journalism: Drew McMahon

Yearbook: Maria Sully and Caroline Woodward

Academic Decathlon: Abigail Carroll, Natalya Jones

History of the Holocaust: Summer Stidham, Maria Sully, Grace Uptmor


Fine Arts: Prizes

Art Foundations: Naomi Bash, Moyra Matthews, Anna Nichols, Adele Patch,
Brooklyn Pearson, Honora Pulido Volkmer, and Margaret Sauer

2-D Art: Elisabeth Schaben

3-D Art: Lillian Garcia, Elizabeth Gibson, and Genevive Hertzel

ADV 3-D Art: Gia Mullin and Grace Oberlies

Digital Photography: Delaney Focht, Cecilia Kwiatek, and Summer Stidham

Digital Photography 2: Claire Jeffries

Advanced Research in Art: Evangeline Longo and Kylie Troshynski

Photography I: Clara Welch and Gwendolyn Zeger

Photography II: Ava McCarthy

Photography III: Mia Appenzeller

Interior Design: Genevieve Herzel

Sacre Choir: Rosalyn Morales &Annie Rezac, Ali Cann &Mary Claire Dougherty

Duchesne Choir: Mia Appenzeller

Introduction to Speech: Therese Mammen

A Capella Choir: Grace Reyelts

World Drumming: Claire Niehaus &Eva DeMayo

Band: Dorothea Mason

String Ensemble: Mad Bean

AP Studio: Lindsay Bauer

Scene Shop: Kate Gerhing


Fine Arts: Distinctions

Art Foundations: Thea Cheney, Abigail Kohout, Chloe Langenfeld, Gina Pisale,
Eleanor Richard, and Lillian Sewell

2-D Art: Margaret Lickteig

ADV 2-D Art: Katherine Gering and Grace Oxley

3-D Art: Magdalen Carter, Mayat Elezai and Wynne Lake

ADV 3-D Art: Emily Barnes and Kathryn Kneeland

Digital Photography: Elianna Kakish, Bridget Nueman, and Marcy Soma

Digital Photography 2: Emily Righter

Advanced Research in Art: Grace Nigro and Catherine Welch

Photography I: Martha Mullen and Elizabeth Rudersdorf

Photography II: Grace Uptmor

Photography III: Maeva Davis

Interior Design: Katie-Anne Strehle

Duchesne Choir: Lena Richard

Introduction to Speech: Sophie Goodland

A Capella Choir: Kyra McWilliams

World Drumming: Tatum Vaughan &Josie Rohr

Band: Jensen Shomshor

String Ensemble: Annie Heldridge

AP Studio: Ella McGrath

Scene Shop: Anna Nichols


Fine Arts: Department Recognition Awards

Art Foundations: Jeannette Becker, Claire Caskey, Camila Castro, Kailey Hennessey, Camille Kane,, and Samantha Soener

2-D Art: Nyayop Makuach

3-D Art: Anne Cooper, Clarissa Pavlish, Elizabeth Saal

ADV 3-D Art: Madeline Enenbach and Claire Kinney

Digital Photography: Emma Carlson, Julia Drickey, and Sophia Tinley

Digital Photography 2: Hannah Fernandes

Advanced Research in Art: Mary Kelly and Grace Wurth

Photography I: Celia Becker and Grace Becker

Photography III: Abigail Carroll

Interior Design: GraceLynn Bazer

Duchesne Choir: Moyra Matthews

Sacre Choir: Sarah Romero &Meg Cordes

Introduction to Speech: Tvisha Rohatgi

A Capella Choir: Grace Caskey

World Drumming: Allie Chipps &Maria Sully

Band: Cecilia Rickett

String Ensemble: Jensen Shomshor

AP Studio: Sara Kenney


Physical Education/Dance: Prizes

Physical Education: Nakai Lopuyo, Olivia Macias, Adeline Martin, Ava Owen,
Brooklyn Pearson, Gina Pisasale

Foundations of Physical Education: Sophia Ochoa, Sylvie Roeker, Elizabeth Saal

Intro to Strength and Conditioning: Evie Loughran, Olivia Schartz, Hushai Yarbro

Lifetime Activities: Ana VGonzalez Yuil, Aubrey Nguyen

Strength and Conditioning: Janine-Kate Fell, Zoe Gonzales, Lena Richard, Grace Uptmor, Sasha Wilson

Team Games: Clara Galvan, Sarah Schmaderer


Physical Education/Dance: Distinctions

Physical Education: Cece Froelicher, Abigail Kohout, Stacey Lugang, Claire Miller,
Adele Patch, Arya Yarlagadda

Foundations of Physical Education: Evelyn Jeffreys, Adeline Roland, Daphne Schroen

Intro to Strength and Conditioning: Myla Downing, Eva Kneeland, Bridget Youngblood

Lifetime Activities: Aidan Lund, Susan Morgan-Girgis

Strength and Conditioning: Natalie Jarosik, Judith Kadjo Gnambi, Nissi Paul, Sadie Snyder, Mila Van Belle

Team Games: Grace Nigro, Clara Welch


Physical Education/Dance: Department Recognitions

Physical Education: Sophie Goodland, Elizabeth Grenier, Ludia Lazarus, Clare
Lickteig, Eleanor Richard, Clara Shroeder

Foundations of Physical Education: Kaitlyn Bodnar, Anyah Samuels

Intro to Strength and Conditioning: Gloria Cabrera, Elizabeth Gibson, Cecilia Rickett

Lifetime Activities: Anna Codr, Noelle Haberman

Strength and Conditioning: Demianna Abou Seif, Mayat Elezai, Gianna Mullin, Delaney Murphy, Emily Righter

Team Games: Ava Pearson, Katieanne Strehle


Most Improved Average

A'27: Nakai Lupoyo

A'26: Yarisel Campos Gonzales

A'25: Clara Galvin

A'24: Rosalyn Morales


Perfect Attendance

A'27: Adelle Bruce, Mya Cheney, Chloe Langenfeld, Therese Mammen, Anastasia Manhart, Anna Minarik, Joy Paul, Gina Pisasale, Margaret Sauer, Lillian Sewell, Emma Soto Tighe, Isabella Soto Tighe, Elle Weiland

A'26: Elizabeth Gibson, Cecilia Rickett, Elizabeth Tran

A'25: Nissi Paul, Lena Richard

A'24: Anne Hoover, Heyat Seid, Tatum Vaughan


Honors for the highest Semester 2 average

A'27: Kailey Hennessey, Abigail Kohout, Cecelia Kramper and Claire Miler

A'26: Lillianne Hernandez and Alexis Ochsner

A'25: Aubrey Nguyen

A'24: Paulina Gilgenast


Cum Laude A'24

Mia Appenzeller
Leila Ayoub
Emily Barnes
Lindsay Bauer
Emma Boggust
Maya Brannen
Lily Butler
Allison Cann
Sophia Carrick
Jennet David
Mary Claire Dougherty
Madeline Enenbach
Rachel Fernandes
Lillian Garcia
Paulina Gilganest
Gretchen Hazel
Anne Hoover
Judith Kadjo Gnambi
Kathleen Kelley
Mary Kelly
Sara Kenney
Evangeline Longo
Ella McGrath
June Mullen
Claire Hiehaus
Grace Nigro
Sophia Owens
Grace Oxley
Isabella Ramsgard
Katherine Reed
Emily Reed
Grace Reyelts
Annie Rezac
Lilly Risch Bakhit
Caroline Rogers
Olivia Schack
Heyat Seid
Elizabeth Shanahan
Maria Sully
Natalie Theiler
Kylie Troshynski
Tatum Vaughan
Rachel Voelker
Payton Ward
Catherine (Ivey) Welch
Caroline Woodward


Class Spirit Award
This award is given to students from each class who have consistently contributed to class activities and the general well-being, morale, and unity of the class throughout the year. These students are there when needed and seek ways to bring the class together. They supportive of others and sensitive to their needs.

A'27: Jada James and Claire Miller

A'26: Evelyn Jeffreys and Martha Mullen

A'25: Emily Brester

A'24: Sophie Owens


Q4 Honors



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