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38th and California St. Traffic Signal Under Review

38th and California St. Traffic Signal Under Review
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Kevin Boughton

The City of Omaha is considering removing the traffic light at 38th and California Street.

Dear Duchesne Community,  
I want to inform you about a City of Omaha study taking place in our neighborhood that impacts how you and your daughters travel to and from school. 
We were recently informed that the City is considering the removal of the traffic signal at 38th and California Street, and replacing it with all-way stop control (stop signs).
A representative from the Omaha Public Works Department provided the following background information:
The City is in the middle of a 12 year program to overhaul the technology on which the signal system operates.  The next phase involves about 50 signals along Cuming St, NW Radial Hwy, Hamilton St, and California St. 38th St & California St is part of this phase. One thing the City is required to do before we expend public funds to upgrade traffic signals is to re-evaluate the need for signalized control.  A preliminary review has found that this intersection does not meet the criteria for signalization.
As a result of the preliminary review, during the week of October 23, the City will deactivate the signal, cover all signal heads, and install stop signs on all approaches.  For a period of 60 days, the City will observe the intersection under the new control. The public will be able to submit any comments they have via the City's website. Upon completion of the 60 day evaluation, the City Traffic Engineer will determine if the signal will be reactivated based on feedback and observations. Otherwise, the signal structure will be permanently removed. 
In addition to this intersection, there are six additional signals that will be simultaneously field-evaluated for removal. Since 2017, the City has removed 29 traffic signals across the City and replaced them with some other form of control.

I know many of you will have strong feelings about this potential change by the City, you can read more about this project and submit your comments by CLICKING HERE

Thank you for trusting us to be a partner in your daughter's education.

Meg Brudney
Head of School