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Duchesne students named 2024 Creighton Grit Scholars

Duchesne students named 2024 Creighton Grit Scholars
Hannah Miller

Three Duchesne students will have an opportunity to attend Creighton University thanks to the Grit Scholarship sponsored by the Heider Foundation.

Seniors Maeva Davis, Madeline McGuire, and Molly Siedlik received this honor from Creighton University in March 2024. 

Below is an excerpt from Creighton University's Grit Scholar flyer:
"A Grit Scholar is exactly that: hard-working, high achieving, full of perseverance and passion for his or her goals and ready to change the world. As a Grit Scholar you will be a difference-maker, prepared to be transformed into a next-level leader, focused on the greater good. As a Creighton graduate, you will appreciate and understand the importance and impact of grit in your work, family and community and continue your never-ending desire to change the world, breaking down barriers that get in your way."

Congratulations Maeva, Madeline, and Molly!