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Unleashing Girl Power

Unleashing Girl Power
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Meg Huerter Brudney A'83, Head of School

Welcome to Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart!  An all-girls, Catholic, independent school, where the power of sisterhood and faith intertwine to create a vibrant and empowering learning environment.


The Joyful Journey of Attending a Sacred Heart All-Girls School 

As a Duchesne Academy alumna, I personally experienced the countless benefits of attending high school with my Sacred Heart sisters. The smart, confident, fun girls with whom I created lifelong connections are now women who have gone on to lead as executives, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and amazing moms. 


In my current role as Head of School, I see from a different perspective how the role an all-girls environment fosters friendships, develops each girl’s courage and confidence, and helps her cultivate a personal and active faith in God. 

What is the Sacred Heart school magic that, in four short years, transforms a likely shy and tentative young girl into a confident young woman? 

The journey of self-discovery and empowerment begins as soon as the girls step foot into Duchesne. The girls are encouraged to explore their interests, express their opinions, and, without limitation, pursue their dreams. The absence of boys in the classroom creates a safe and inclusive space where the girls can voice their thoughts and ideas—they are empowered to question and equipped to lead in an atmosphere filled with love and wise freedom.  

“Sisterhood” in a Sacred Heart school is more than just a word – it's a way of life. 

Girls grow, learn together and create lasting bonds that extend far beyond the classroom. Whether it's through shared laughter, supportive study groups, traveling for music competitions, or spirited sports tournaments, the camaraderie forms a sisterhood that uplifts and empowers each girl.  

As a Catholic, girls’ school, the girls are given space to talk about God and their faith in theology classes and/or student lounges.

Duchesne provides a nurturing environment where the girls can explore their spirituality, develop a strong moral compass, and deepen their understanding of Catholic teachings. Through prayer services, retreats, and community outreach programs, the girls are encouraged to embrace kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others and throughout their community.

Courage and Confidence are Duchesne superpowers!

Within an all-girls environment, Duchesne students are encouraged to speak up, take risks, and pursue their passions with unwavering self-assurance. Through engaging classroom discussions, leadership opportunities, and extracurricular activities, an all-girls school fosters an environment wherein young women can discover their voices and develop the confidence to make a difference in the world.  In every aspect of the school, the girls witness their Sacred Heart sisters taking risks, possibly failing, and then stepping up again.  From the classroom to student counsel, to the Basketball court, to the Stage, to Mock Trial, to the STEAM Lab, the Soccer Fields and the Music and Art rooms—Duchesne has a place where each girl can grow in courage and confidence. 

Academic excellence is at the heart of an all-girls’ education.

With a focus on individualized attention, girls’ schools provide a supportive environment in which girls will thrive academically. The International Coalition of Girls emphasizes that girls in single-sex schools tend to have higher confidence in their abilities, greater interest in traditionally male-dominated subjects, and higher aspirations for their future careers. So, whether it's mastering advanced calculus or exploring the depths of literature, girls will more freely pursue their academic passions   

Further, girls in single-sex schools, are encouraged to be leaders, not just followers.

With countless opportunities such as student council, clubs, and community service initiatives, Duchesne empowers girls to become the architects of their own success. By fostering leadership skills, Duchesne equips young women with the tools they need to become future influential and compassionate leaders within their own communities.  

Attending Duchesne Academy in an all-girls’ environment is an extraordinary journey filled with sisterhood, confidence, empowerment, academic excellence, and faith.  Each girl is celebrated for her unique gifts and talents, in an environment where she will flourish academically and personally. Whether you're a young girl dreaming of a supportive and joyful learning experience or a parent seeking an empowering educational environment, consider the remarkable benefits of a Sacred Heart, all-girls, Catholic, and independent school. Embrace the spirit and let the power of sisterhood shape your future. 

Cor Unum et Anima Una in Corde Jesu,

Meg Huerter Brudney A'83
Head of School



International Coalition of Girls' Schools

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