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iPad Program

Duchesne Academy commits to the use of technology as an educational tool to prepare students to live cooperatively in a global and technological society. iPads are required beginning freshman year. The fundamental skills of technology are fully integrated into the curriculum in an introduction to computing essentials course.

Duchesne Academy commits to the use of technology in order to:

  • Assist in the development of critical thinking and communication skills
  • Open new avenues to intellectual growth
  • Increase awareness of social issues and involvement in social justice
  • Broaden the communication base among the members of the Sacred Heart community
  • Teach Goal Five: Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
  • Encourage young women to consider careers in technology fields where they are under-represented, and to develop the skills that will keep them competitive in an increasingly technology-oriented workforce

Frequently Asked Questions


First page of the PDF file: ManualofiPadProgramPoliciesandProcedures