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At Duchesne Academy, we understand the importance of student wellness in today's fast-paced world. Our young women face academic demands, tight schedules, technology distractions, and more, often neglecting their own emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. That's why we've taken the initiative to create a comprehensive Wellness Program to empower our students to care for themselves and lead balanced lives.

Our Wellness Program includes:

  1. Extensive Wellness Curriculum: We believe in educating our students about holistic well-being. Through our comprehensive Wellness Curriculum, we equip them with the tools and knowledge to prioritize their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  2. Balance and Sleep: Recognizing the significance of rest and balance in one's life, we have adopted a new bell schedule to ensure our students have adequate time for both academics and personal well-being.
  3. Conflict Resolution and Communication: Effective communication and conflict resolution skills are essential for a harmonious school community. Our conflict engagement elective class for 11th and 12th graders cultivates these vital skills, fostering a positive environment for all.
  4. Strong and Loving Community: At Duchesne, we believe in the strength of a united community that values and supports the needs of every individual. Our school fosters a loving and inclusive atmosphere where students feel safe and connected.
  5. Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Program: Our JEDI program celebrates the uniqueness of each student and creates a welcoming and diverse community where everyone's gifts and characteristics are embraced.
  6. Sustainability Program: Empowering students to make a positive impact, our sustainability program encourages them to study and address the effects of climate change on God's creation.

At Duchesne Academy, we prioritize our young women's health and well-being, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and support needed to thrive both academically and personally.

Wellness Curriculum

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